Game Art Melbourne Exhibition   The exhibition has officially been launched! Opening night went off with a bang! Please direct all art sales enquiries to Preferably with, the title and artist of the work you are enquiring about. Then we can discuss what payment options are best for you.

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Glitchmark is a Melbourne based playful arts community: an open maker group not specific to discipline. Though we have a focus on games, we are informed by all kinds of creative practice.The aim of Game Art Melbourne Exhibition is to showcase the visual art from and inspired by videogames made in Melbourne. Local game makers are contributing some of the best designed games in the world, and we want to honour and celebrate that.We also seek to address the problem of games being sold for a whole lot less than they’re worth. We have a beautiful culture of giving and sharing, but sometimes the amount of work that is put in to a game is taken for granted.

So we’re having a month long celebration of Melbourne game art! The exhibition features installations, art for sale, games for sale, music nights, prizes, game previews and more!


opening night: Aug 5Just usual celebration of drinks :) IGDAM: Aug 12After-party! Come down to E55 after the monthly IGDAM meet-up. Installation Night: Aug 19This will entail extra screens and projectors being set up in booths and over alcoves in the venue. Hovergarden: Aug 26Art-game showcase! Artist Party Closing night:Sep 1 general drinks

E55 is hosting the event: Basement 55, Elizabeth St, Melbourne CBD.

Curated by Maize Wallin Media

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